I wrote an article entitled THE DEAD HAND OF SAFE BETS in the June 25th 2004 edition of The Bookseller about how, in my opinion, the balance of power in the acquisition power has got out of kilter and that how it is threatening the careers of talented writers.

You can also read an article by me in the Independent On Sunday entitled PILE ‘EM HIGH AND LET ‘EM DIE about how the business of publishing can sometimes be less than plain sailing.

ink_logo.gifI wrote a number of articles for a short-lived magazine called INK which took different aspects of the book-trade and went into them in forensic detail. As the magazine went bust I thought it would be a good idea to reprint them all here for you. Some of the content is out of the date but the general tenet hasn’t changed!

I have also written a number of books which you can look at through Amazon. The most recent of them is called The Encyclopaedia Of Guilty Pleasures and has a rather natty website. To promote this book and the Costa/Whitbread survey about Literary Guilty Pleasures I did a record 26 radio interviews along with one of my co-authors Michael Moran. Thanks to the wonders of technology you can listen to one of them here.

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