Do not believe? Here’s 6 Lifestyles of Bill Gates, the Richest Man in the World

Who does not know Bill Gates?
This 62-year-old man is the richest man in the world.
The name Bill Gates is known as the founder of Microsoft.
Microsoft is a software on computers and laptops that are widely used by the world community.
He founded this Microsoft company with Paul Allen.
Because of his wealth, he entered into the ranks of the richest people in the world and ranked first since 1995 to 2009.

The man who called this milliarder apparently has a pretty interesting lifestyle you know!
Although he has endless wealth, Bill Gates also has a simple lifestyle.
Reporting from Boldsky, following 6 lifestyles of the figure of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world!

1. Xanadu House
Bill Gates has a house named Xanadu 2.0.
He built his house of 6,000 square feet of land.
He really loved his house.
It took seven years to build the most expensive house in the world.
His home is worth more than 123 million dollars.
Bill Gates house building is able to accommodate 150 people at once.
There are 24 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a library of 2100 square feet, a home theater, and others.

2. Collection of cars
Besides the house, Bill Gates also has a fantastic collection of cars.
He said that he is a fan of Porsche cars.
Known, Bill Gates has 23 cars in his garage.
The Porsche 959 Coupe is one of the rarest car models owned by Bill Gates, as only 337 models of the same car are manufactured.

3. iPhone lovers
Having Microsoft, he apparently loves iPhone.
In an interview, Bill Gates said that he was impressed by the iPhone feature when giving the first time.
In fact, Bill Gates says the iPhone is much better than its own Microsoft phone.
Lastly known, Bill Gates uses iPhones 5s.

4. Likes to wash dishes at home
Who would have thought, the richest man in the world likes to wash dishes at home?
Although he was able to hire dozens of helpers, but this one man likes to wash his own dishes at night.
He himself admitted likes to do his homework to calm the mind.

5. Children do not inherit their wealth
Although Bill Gates has a wealth of seven inheritance, he does not pass on his wealth to his children.
Bill Gates has three children from his marriage to Melinda French.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have made it clear that for years, their children will not inherit anything.
This Microsoft owner says that his children will be given the best education possible.
He wants his son to go out and start his own business.

6. Have unique habits
Being a milliarder certainly bears a lot of burden in his life.
Bill Gates has found a unique way to gain peace and let go of his life.
He has a tree that is 40 years old.
This tree is near the driveway of his house.
Bill Gates likes to look and look at the tree.
He claimed to be addicted to the tree that has grown long in his house.

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